This Wedding Workshop and Retreat will take place in Boise, Idaho February 24-27, 2017.   Spend 3 days with me – stylizing a wedding, planning out our image lists, photographing a wedding party and bridal portraits, then editing the photos using Photoshop and Lightroom.  This workshop and retreat is all-inclusive and includes your lodging and food.

Friday evening will be our “get to know you” session.  We will spend time with the other photographers, relaxing and sharing food and stories, as well as chatting a little about the styling and concept.  Saturday morning we will immediately begin working with the models on wardrobe, hair and makeup. Then while they are getting ready, we begin photographing detail images.  After lunch we’ll  spend a few hours photographing the entire wedding party, then have breakout sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to work in small groups with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and bride and groom.  Each attendee will have the chance to photograph all of the setups.

During day three we will be going through a comprehensive look of the editing process – from download and culling, to final output.  Our culling and raw edits will happen in Lightroom – some VSCO presets may be used. All retouching will be done in Photoshop and consist of hand edits in a non-destructive format using adjustment layers, textures, and some digital painting.  Any non-hand edits used during this time will be limited to Jessica Drossin products (textures and overlays) or my skin-editing software, which we will discuss.  You’ll have the chance to observe and ask questions during in depth editing (both color and black and white processing).

Monday will be our final morning, and will be a time to have individual breakouts with me for any questions you may have, or time to look at your portfolio or images for critique.  We will have a final farewell breakfast, and wrap up the workshop at noon.

Suggested equipment and knowledge:
You must have a DSLR camera and have a basic understanding of the exposure triangle.  This is not a beginner’s photography course.
A base understanding of Photoshop would be helpful for this class, as our editing can be somewhat overwhelming for beginners.

I work with an iMac and Wacom tablet using Adobe CC, and all instruction will take place using these tools.

Pricing and Information:

The cost for this Wedding Workshop and Retreat is $750.00 USD per person.  A per person Group Rate of $650.00 USD  is available when you book with a group of 5 or more people – all group members must register within the same 24 hour time period to receive the group rate.  Please note the name of your group on the registration form.

This price includes the teaching and wedding photo session, post-workshop access to my private Facebook group, as well as your food and lodging during the workshop.  Attendees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the house, as well as during the workshop.

There are two payment options for this workshop.
Option 1: 25% non-refundable retainer due upon registration.  The remaining balance will be billed in monthly increments with the final payment being due February 7.
Option 2: 50% non-refundable retainer due upon registration.  The remaining balance will be billed at the beginning of February, and due no later than February 7.
The non-refundable retainer is due within 24 hours of registration or your spot will be forfeit.  Please read the Terms listed on the registration form below for more details.

There are currently 10 spots available for this workshop, and will be sold on a first serve basis.  You are not registered until the non-refundable retainer has been paid, and the workshop contract signed.

Fill out the form below to register for the workshop:




Reviews from previous workshops:

I (thought I) would not be ‘good enough’ to learn from you! It was my own lack of confidence in my experience and abilities that I had to really push myself to get over and go anyway! You are so down-to-earth, humble, and encouraging. You made me feel better about myself. I cannot thank you enough! I’m honestly surprised with how much information and detail you provided from your own experience. You gave so much of yourself.  You have taken me to a way higher level than I imagined myself being at in this time with my photography.” – Jennifer W.

The information was invaluable. The editing portion was amazing and I liked at the end how we were able to sit down to dinner and just talk…Thanks for putting yourself out there as an artist/teacher and letting me grow in my own talents because of your knowledge and workshop! Truly invaluable!” – Laura O.

My only hesitation (before registering) was Photoshop; not knowing how to use it at all! You did a great job answering my questions before I decided to even come. There’s much more depth to my editing! It’s an awesome opportunity to get hands on experience.” – Gianna K