Garden Valley Workshop

“All art requires courage.”
– Anne Tucker

When I first conceptualized hosting a fine art workshop I didn’t realize how vulnerable I would end up feeling.  It’s always hard to share art that you’ve created – I think because we are attached to it on such a personal and emotional level. It’s a part of us, a physical representation of our imagination.  Going into this workshop, I began to realize not only was I opening myself up when I shared the finished product, but I was asking all of the people who helped me bring it together, and the attendees that were coming, to embrace and visualize this as their own.  The week before the workshop I was wracked with nerves, wondering if anyone would “get it”, or if they would hate everything I had put together.

During the workshop it was easy to get caught up in helping everyone and being excited about the images they were creating, and the way they were interpreting the photoshoots I had put together for them.  I wasn’t expecting it, but I ended up shedding several tears as some of the attendees cried watching their own photos come to life.  It was overwhelming to even know I had a very small part in their art.  After I returned home, I got caught up in work and life, and every time I opened my photos I struggled to edit and get back to what my vision had been.  It’s taken me 6 weeks to edit just a small number of the images I shot.  As with all art I’ve created I don’t know that I love it.. but I’m embracing it and sharing it.  I hope you can find some beauty in these images as well.

As always, I had an incredible team help me pull this together.  I couldn’t have done it without any of you.

Models: Jenny Meeker and Erin Gibbons
Hair and Makeup: Amanda Woods
Wardrobe Creation: Leah Keller
Essential Oil Pot Necklace: Robert Ostman
Props: Jena Maxwell
and every single one of my attendees who made me laugh and cry harder than I have in ages.


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