I think part of what makes me excited about photographing a couple in love, is figuring out their relationship and how to bring their personalities to life in their images.  Every couple is different.. some are intense and moody, others are easy going and flirty, and then couple’s like Jason and Kaisha are madly in love and show it by joking, laughing, and encouraging their significant other with little touches in passing.  Although we had intense beautiful skies, and I was able to capture some serious and loving photos… the images really came to life when Jason and Kaisha started to relax and have fun with each other – dancing out in the middle of the Idaho brush, giving piggy back rides to avoid falling in three inch cherry red heels, and inciting a tickle war in the middle of a romantic setup.  I adore this engagement session, and loved their wedding just as much… I’ll be blogging that soon!