{J} Boudoir Session

Hair and Makeup by Amanda Woods

When someone from out of state contacts you about a session, and says they are willing to fly to Boise for one day to have the chance to be photographed by you… well, I don’t know quite how to explain the feeling you get. It’s incredibly humbling and mind-blowing to know someone values your work that much.  It’s also insanely nerve wracking knowing that you don’t get to reschedule in case of weather, or if something comes up. So when everything we had planned for J’s session started falling apart the week she was flying in, I was in a bit of a panic mode.  Luckily for me, J calmed me down by telling me she trusted me completely and that whatever we put together was going to be amazing.  And it was.

We split J’s session into two parts. The first part was more of a “traditional” boudoir session at the studio.


Then came the “tricky” part… we knew we wanted to shoot an outdoor session near water, but finding the right water was proving to be a little trickier.  The place I had originally wanted to shoot fell through, and so at the last minute we loaded a mattress into my truck, grabbed wardrobe, and drove an hour into the mountains to find a private area next to the river.  I was slightly apprehensive – the location wasn’t quite as private as I had originally been picturing (although no one could see us unless they came looking), and it looked different than the conversations J and I had had during the planning stage.  But nonetheless, these photos ended up being some of my favorite outdoor boudoir images I’ve ever taken.  The vintage romance of her outfits, and the light came together so perfectly.  J’s trust in how I could see the situation meant that even when a pose or face felt weird, she did it knowing I was seeing something different than how she was feeling.  Last night I had the honor of sending her the gallery, and I got the most excited message back from J and her husband…. which is the best response I could ask for.  When someone loves their photos I get to just smile for the rest of the day.




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