Puddle Jumping

Yesterday morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, my son and I came home to get some stuff done.  I settled him in with a coloring book, and I sat down at my computer to work.  Days that I have him at home, rather than at school, it’s definitely harder to get stuff accomplished.  Usually though we can both settle in to my office and he entertains himself.  Not yesterday. I was working on an order, absentmindedly listening to him jabber about something – interjecting the occasional “mhm” when I felt it was needed – when I felt him tugging on my sleeve.

“Mommy, you aren’t listening to anything I’m saying”.  He sniffled and I looked down and realized he was actually upset.  He had been telling me something that was important to him, and I was not paying any real attention.  “How come you can’t listen to me?”.  Ok, full on heartbreak. Sometimes I forget how observant little kids can be. So I took the day off.  It’s not something that happens often enough, and yesterday my son needed me.  Despite it being winter, and cold, we decided to bake some sweets for my husband’s (belated) birthday “party”, and go puddle jumping.  I don’t know about all of you, but sometime between age 11 and age 30 I lost my love of being outside in the rain. I appreciate it a lot more now from my chair inside my house, than out in the cold wet weather.  However, my kids haven’t reached that stage yet.

Do you know what I forgot when I lost my love of playing in the rain? I forgot about the pure joy of jumping in a puddle and watching the water SPLOOSH away from my boots.  I forgot about the wet slurping sounds your feet make when you try to run in galoshes weighted down by the water you’ve been splashing into them.   The droplets of water than rain down over everything in a five foot radius…and how it was completely worth it to end up in soaking wet jeans, just to laugh and run in the fresh air trying to make the biggest splash possible as you went from puddle to puddle.  I’m so glad my son told me I wasn’t listening yesterday.  Otherwise I might have missed out on ever seeing my four year old experience puddle jumping for no reason.  We’re doing this more often… soaking wet feet, tangled hair, dripping noses.  It’s worth it to get out and play.

Today he is at school, but I’m still giggling as I watch the slow-motion video we made on my iPhone of him jumping into a puddle and running through the water like Superman. <3Boise_PuddleJump007pinimageBoise_PuddleJump002pinimageBoise_PuddleJump005pinimageBoise_PuddleJump003pinimageBoise_PuddleJump006pinimageBoise_PuddleJump008pinimageBoise_PuddleJump009pinimage

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