Stardust Workshop – BTS

While I haven’t released any of the actual images from this workshop yet, I did want to share some of the “Behind the Scenes” of a workshop!  My phenomenal team – Jena (my business partner/co-teacher), Unique (Hair and Makeup, Stylist, Creative Director), and Bryce (Cook, Furniture Mover, Assistant, and a billion other little job details) – are what helped make this such a great workshop, and you get to see them in action in some of these photos!

The group of women we had at this workshop was so fun and wonderful and we branched far outside of the “Stardust” shoot (several attendees ended up having the chance to shoot their first fine art nudes! You can see a BTS of that in one of the photos).  We had an amazing time, at one of the most wonderful locations I’ve ever been to.  I cannot wait to go back!

PC: Krista Melone – Bryce and Kristina in the kitchen

sarabts001pinimagesarabts002pinimagePC: Sara Rivera – Unique doing hair and makeup, Krista taping the dress in place on Kristina



PC: Kelsey Farnham – Krista, Unique, and Jena setting up the models.  Attendees photographing the models.  Jena giving critique and advice as we set up a pose.

bts32pinimagePC: Krista Melone – Leslie practicing setting up a pose with Jacqui and Tessa


PC: Sara Rivera – setting up the levitation photo, almost throwing the dress over Kristina’s head

kelseybts004pinimagePC: Kelsey Farnham – Jena demonstrating part of the pose for the levitation image

kelseybts006pinimagePC: Kelsey Farnham – behind the scenes of another attendee shooting

kelseybts005pinimagekelseybts007pinimagePC: Kelsey Farnham – Jacqui photographing the models, the entire group photographing a set-up

bts33pinimagePC: Krista Melone – the group photographing (caught by Jacqui who posed)

sarabts005pinimagePC: Sara Rivera – some of the photographers doing a spontaneous nude fine-art shoot with Kristina

bts01pinimagePC: Krista Melone – one of the attendees practicing the skills we worked on during the editing portion

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