The Hunt for a Photographer

Today, my husband I started seriously talking about our plans for our own “ceremony”.  For the last couple of years we’ve casually discussed renewing our vows when we hit the 10 year anniversary mark… and although it’s still 2 years away (May 2017), it’s time to start planning.  Since I’m not waiting for anyone to ask me to marry them (haha!) I have the luxury of time as I plan the details.

I bet you can all guess what Step 1 was for me!  Yup! You got it… time for me to start looking for my own wedding photographer.  Dear clients and potential clients and brides-to-be, you are amazing.  The hunt for a wedding photographer is no joking matter.  This morning when I started I had a very short list of photographers I knew I wanted to at least contact, but, I also didn’t want to sell myself short and miss the PERFECT photographer for us.  So, I asked my international photography group for recommendations.  They poured in.  Within an hour I had gone from a short list of 5 photographers, to having nearly 100 links to websites of photographers that travel.  *whew* Some people offered to travel to me, and flat out asked me my budget before talking to me at all about my vision or personality or needs.  As a photographer, I know how important it is to have some idea of a client’s price range, but usually it’s also a good idea to let a potential client view your work before you bombard them with offers to call to discuss pricing and travel plans (YES! People were pulling travel quotes without even knowing my plans… or, the lack thereof I should say).  So far I’ve not responded to those emails, but I’m sure I will try to wrangle my way into a price list without dealing with a sales phone call before I even know my location… we can figure out the travel quote a little closer to the actual day.

Needless to say I have a lot of work to do over the next few months, and a lot of websites to visit.  So far, I’ve received two quotes from two photographers on my short-list.  I’m eagerly (impatiently) waiting to hear back from three others.  It’s not been even 24 hours and I am already checking my email every 15 minutes wondering if they’ve responded to my first inquiry.  How on earth we’re going to narrow this down and get through the next two years is the biggest question!

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Impatiently yours,


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