Unbound Stories

I honestly don’t know if I can contain my absolute pleasure in the new Unbound Stories I am offering this year.  These boxes have been something I’ve been on the fence about offering for the last 2 years, but you know how some things get stuck in your head and you just can’t seem to forget about them or move on?  For me, that was these boxes.  I saw these in early 2013 and I just knew that I was in love with them.  I wanted a hand-carved keepsake box for my own memories, and I wanted the clients I worked with to have them displayed in their homes in order to tell their stories with others.  However, I didn’t know how to begin including them in my collections.  This year as I was reviewing what I offer to my wedding clients, I decided to make the leap and order my own sample box.  Now there is no going back.

This is the Heritage box.  Hand-crafted by Amish craftsmen, engraved with your family name and wedding date, containing archival prints that will tell your story to future generations.  The minute I unwrapped it and smelled the walnut wood, and the oil it had been finished with I was done for… the box is flawless.

Each box includes 25 prints in sizes of your choice (depending on which box you order) that will be wrapped in fabric, and protected by a leather satchel.  Tucked away in their own special area are little glass vials.  At first you may wonder what they are for, but these are for the little parts of your life story – the perfume you dabbed on your neck just minutes before you walk down the aisle, the sand you stood on as you said your vows, or even one for the first lock of hair you cut from your babies head as they grow.

Next to the memory vials is a little niche for your USB of images, or to tuck away a scrap of lace from your dress.  Maybe you want to keep the boutonniere your groom wore as he waited for you to meet him at the altar.  This is your box.  Your story.  A place for you to keep all of the memories that you create during your life.

I like to imagine that years from now, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will stumble across these stories in an attic.  The box may be worn by then, after being handled by many hands as you relive your moments.  But under the dings and dust, your decedents will find a beautiful sturdy box, carved with your names, and filled with a lifetime of faces, scents, and memories… and they will fall in love as your story unfolds all over again.

Unbound Stories are available in three sizes – the Heritage, the Nostalgia, and the Heirloom.  For more information on how to start your own Story, contact me today.

Love, Krista

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